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      Sino-foreign joint ventureSuqian Jiahe Plastic Metal Products Co.,Ltd is located in Economic Development Zone,Suqian City,Jiangsu Province.It covers an area of 12000 square meters. Building area is 7000 square meters and will be enlarged in the future. Its total investment is about eighteen million RMB. With great transportation convenience, including Beijing-Shandong high..
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    The investment environment advantage
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    The investment environment advantage

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    Special policy opportunities. In eleventh five-year plan of jiangsu provincial party committee and provincial NPC passed the provincial economic and social development in the eleventh five-year plan outline, clearly put forward "we will increase support to subei, the key is to increase support for suqian". Especially further clear, the provincial party committee and government, the "under the premise of not violate national policies, laws and regulations, allow and support suqian adopt more flexible than other areas of policy". Province of the 11th party congress, proposed "intensify support subei, focus on help suqian to achieve greater breakthroughs". This fully reflected in north jiangsu provincial party committee and government, the especially the high attention of suqian, means that has to suqian as the province's provincial party committee and government, the SAR, heralding the suqian are facing unprecedented, significant development opportunity comes once in a blue moon. For businesses, faced with a rare business space and huge business opportunities.


    The development of strong carrier. Boasting 6 provincial economic development zone, 1 enjoy treatment of provincial economic development zone, lakeside new town development zone, a state-level industrial park economic development zone in another place, another five north-south link a cooperation development zone under construction or is about to start the construction. Especially in suzhou suqian industrial park started construction, draw lessons from both development zone cooperation successful model, according to the principle of government promotion and market operation, by the province, suzhou, suqian tripartite joint development and construction. In suzhou suqian industrial park of the construction of the suzhou cross-regional development of foreign economic sector, suqian new industrialization industry base and the rapid rise of the modern new district.


    The good public security environment. Vigorously promote rule according to law, the legal consciousness is stronger, orderly social security. Comprehensively promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system, has cancelled or exit 202, examination and approval matters in the approval process is simple, is the provincial examination and approval matters least prefecture. Our city for many years was named provincial party committee, the provincial government approval for "safe city" of social public order.


    Leading the reform of the typical. Suqian is famous for its innovation country, is to "take the lead in reform exploration area" in jiangsu province. After was awarded "China's urban management progress prize", the provincial government has put the city in the province the only financial reform pilot city. Municipal party committee, municipal government in the future will focus on accelerating the development of financial institutions, from build ZhengYinQi cooperation platform, to strengthen the construction of social credit system, establish fund of financial development, together to prevent and defuse financial risks, etc, to speed up the banking sector development Banks will also through the reform and innovation, realize, the first breakthrough in suqian industries in industrial projects, construction of key projects, development of social undertakings, agricultural industrialization projects, the entrepreneurial aspects such as increasing financial support.


    First-class service brand. Fully implementing "nanny" all the deputy service, and constantly deepen the "pro-business" consciousness, pure plastic image of government services, efforts to build and huaihai economic zone 20 cities in jiangsu province in the lowest business costs, strive to make the optimal investment brand. Zhuhai successively won the "2005 zhejiang (province) the best investment city", 2006 "zheshang best investment city's most popular award", further formed the foreign agglomeration effect.


    2008, vigorously promoting system and mechanism innovation, reduce administrative examination and approval projects, is determined to clean up the adjustment of administrative fees. In 2008, the city within the scope of rights reserved only 11 items of administrative examination and approval, approval items, 49, told the promises 10 reserves administrative fees project 162. Active and innovative ways of land use, urban and rural construction land increase or decrease hook, promote the scientific allocation of urban and rural land resources and the economical and intensive use, "land use problem. The new hook turnover land 11861 mu, accounting for more than a quarter of the province. To deepen financial reform, the urban credit association set up for the people abundant rural cooperative Banks, postal savings bank of China, suqian branch and three county sub-branch business quotation, shuyang set up the province's first rural Banks. Four small loans company operations, has opened three approved planning. The registered capital of one hundred million yuan of above guarantee agencies to three. At the end of the financial institutions to the balance of 44.97 billion yuan, rose 26% from a year earlier, loan balance of 32.36 billion yuan, increased by 28.2%, with industrial loan balance of 6.14 billion yuan, an increase of 51.1%. Agricultural policy insurance for farmers to reduce the loss of 18.62 million yuan. Bidding management system reform, establish a unified, standardized bidding transaction platform, engineering bid opening, bid assessment funds to save an average of 10.5%, the government centralized procurement funds to save an average of 16%. Complete the township institution reform. Take the lead to implement migrant workers wage payment system of the special account in the province, solve migrant wages payment problem from the source. Constantly improve the system of democratic decision-making, consciously accept the laws of the National People's Congress, political consultative conference and democratic supervision, pay attention to play to the democratic parties, federations, people's organizations, and non-party personages political participation function, advice seriously deal with congress and CPPCC proposal, actively listen to opinions and Suggestions on all aspects. Municipal government executive meeting of the people's livelihood issues invited some NPC deputies, CPPCC member and the enterprises and grass-roots masses represented, and through the online suqian for network video broadcast, promoted the government affairs public, improve the democratization and scientific decision-making level. Build system of municipal government executive meeting of research method, strengthen the awareness of administration according to law, enhance the administrative capacity in accordance with the law.

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